playlist 2011/2/20

umbrellas - “boston White” - illuminare

glassjaw - “mu empire” - worship and tribute

lydia - “empty out your stomach” - assalants

sun kil moon - “tiny cities made of ash” tiny cites

the dear hunter - “city escape” - act I: the lake south the river north

annuals - “complete or completing” - be he me

*the 585 show* - polar bear club - “election day” - the redder the better

*the 585 show* - roses are red - “oceans” - conversations

*the 585 show* - abbott hayes - “earth gently rolls” - giving myself away

fun. - “walking the dog” - aim and ignite

such gold - “sycamore” - pedestal

bad books - “you wouldn’t have to ask” - bad books

mewithoutYou - “nice & blue pt. 2” - brother, sister

the gaslight anthem - “the ‘59 sound” - the ‘59 sound

damien jurado - “sheets” - caught in the trees

deer tick - “ashamed” - war elepahnt

sufjan stevens - “come on!  feel the illinoise!” - come on!  feel the illinoise

transit - “please head north” - keep this to yourself

nathaniel rateliff & the wheel - “just for me (but i thought of you)” - desire & dissoving men

the felix culpa - “apologies” - sever your roots

everything absent or distorted (a love story) - “japanesse war tuba” - the great collapse

the shackeltons - “yellow cadillac” - the shackeltons

the rocketboys - “we are a lighthouse” - 20,000 ghosts

timeshares - “woke up in grappler school” - kind of like a comp

lemuria - “in a world of ghosts” - the first collection

snowing - “why am i not going underwater” - i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted

down to earth approach - “triple black” - another intervention

my heart to joy - “all my life is coming home” - seasons in verse

Playlist 2011/2/13

tonights playlist featured the following:

foxy shazam - “the rocketerr” - introducing

murder by death - “as long as there is whiskey in the world” - goodmourning magpie

rust belt lights - “clarissa doesn’t explain it all” - rust belt lights ep

the snake the cross the crown - “the great american smokeout” - cotton teeth

portugal. the man - “the dead dog” - american ghetto

tigers jaw - “danielson” - tigers jaw/balance and composier split

cassino - “the ice factory” - kingprice

fanfarlo - “luna” - Reservior

*the 585 show* the knockdown - “shit went down in the italian kitchen” - test/retest

*the 585 show* - around the world and back - long way back

*the 585 show* - liana gabel - “figure it out” - songs with oscar bilger

*the 585 show* - the republic of wolves - “cardinals” - his old brances

algernon cadwallader - “some kind of cadwallader” - algernon cadwallader

paper rival - “home is right outside your window” - paper rival EP

forgive durden - “the missing piece” - razia’s shadow

now, now - “giants” - neighbors

my heart to joy - “farewell to a rain cloud” - reasons to be

miniature tigers - “bullfighter jacket” - fortress

fly upright kite - “sadness is a weight” - weightless

all get out - “water and god” - all get out

broken social scene - “all to all” - forgiveness rock record

daytrader - “paper pusher” - daytrader demo

lydia - “sleep well” - illuminate

american football - “but the regrets are killing me” - american football

latterman - “yo, get into it” - no matter where we go…!

minus the bear - “knights” - planet of ice

the format - “she doesn’t get it” - dog problems

copeland - “testing the strong ones” - beneath medicine tree

nathaniel rateliff & the wheel - “shroud” - daytrotter session

such gold - “stand tall” - stand tall ep

Pianos Become The Teeth perform Houses We Die In

so goddamn beautiful.  

the dialog clip in the middle of the song was written by the keyboardist, and its a conversation between himself and his mother who passed away from cancer.

please take the time to visit them at and buy a copy of “old pride.”

review: snowing - “i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted

snowing – “i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted”


Genre:  Math Rock, Indie Rock, Emo


For Fans Of:  Algernon Cadwallader, Grown Ups, 1994!, This Town Needs Guns, American Football with yelling

Album Info:  Released in 2010 by Count Your Lucky Stars Records

Length:  11 Tracks, 29:08 Total Time

Favorite Songs:  why am i not going underwater? , i could be better forever 

Purchase At: - Free Download

while snowing keeps the math rock and pop punk elements in check with their first full length release, the band losses a bit of the post hardcore feel.  however, for the grand price of paying nothing you would be hard pressed to find a better set of songs to sing along with.  snowing is a band that’s impossible not to tap your foot along with and have their melodies stay with you for a few days.  there’s nothing not to like about this release. 

Summer People - Great Northern Diver from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Summer People perform Great Northern Diver during the Pink Coach Sessions.

please take the time to visit If You Make It and the Pink Coach Sessions at .  they also have free downloads to many free albums and EP’s.

this includes Summer People’s 2009 demo at


review: my heart to joy - “seasons in verse”

My Heart To Joy – “Seasons In Verse”

sesons in verse 

Genre:  Post-Hardcore, Emo


For Fans Of: Make Do And Mend, Envy, Braid, Small Brown Bike, Thursday

Album Info:  Released in 2009 by Top Shelf Records

Length:  11 Tracks, 30:31 Total Time

Favorite Songs:  All Of Life Is Coming Home, Giving My Hands Away

Purchase at:

this has been my favorite band for the last year, with this record being played at least a hundred times in that span.  it’s an album in every meaning of the word; a collection of songs that belong together, build off one another, and strengthen each other.  it starts off with the instrumental Time Spent Breathing, a dream passage that then enters into Empty Homes with the lyrics “the sound of my own voice keeps me from falling asleep.”  lots of building up instrumentals and the vocals always come back at the appropriate times.  i can’t express how much i love this album, but i do hope you take the time it give it a spin.       


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to start, i’ll be putting together some record reviews for you.  by tomorrow, i will be posting a review for a personal favorite over the last year, but i’ll keep that a secret for now.  thanks for stopping by.


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